Wolf + Grizzly


A rebrand and campaign materials for Wolf + Grizzly, a brand who make premium, lightweight, sustainable outdoor cooking tools.

My contribution

Creative Direction Branding Brand Strategy Campaign Strategy Art Direction

The team

1 × Creative Director 1 × Brand Manager 1 x Campaign Manager 1 x UX Designer 1 x UI Designer 1 x Brand Designer



About the project

Roam Free

Wolf + Grizzly create cleanly designed, sustainable products for the outdoors. Their tools redefine the campfire cooking experience by making uniquely foldable and rollable products, with very simple setups.

When rebranding, we integrated design cues that felt harmonious with nature, and captured a fresh spirit of adventure and excitement with the brand's new tonal and visual direction.

The brand's new tagline "Roam Free" embodies their new brand strategy - the brand serving to inspire people to venture outside of their comfort zones (too much Netflix n' Chill) and reconnect with the outside and each other. That it's only when we are outside that we're truly living, as opposed to existing. The "Free" part refers to the compact and light-weight benefit of their products.

So part of the brand's new approach is to explore the many creative ways that we can inspire the outdoors, from evocative, sensorial ASMR-inspired audio soundscapes, to playlists of field recordings from exotic locations, to limited-edition product releases with partners, that inspire the outdoors and the spirit of togetherness.


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