Rebrand, website and campaign work for Freakmount and promo materials for their presence at the Born Free 2022 Motorcycle Show.

My contribution

Creative Direction Branding Brand Strategy Campaign Strategy Art Direction

The team

1 × Creative Director 1 × Brand Manager 1 x Campaign Manager 1 x UX Designer 1 x UI Designer 1 x Brand Designer



About the project

Built Different

A bike is a reflection of its owner, their personality and their style. A bike owner translates who they are, from human to machine, in how they build their bike; when thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours are spent on an engine swap, custom paint, polishing to make it their own — the last thing anyone would want to do is kill the look with an ugly, bulky phone holder bolted up to their handlebars.

Enter FreakMount. Their sleek, easily removable, and extremely strong magnetic bike phone mounts are superior to anything else currently on the market. Freakmount's new branding and tagline "Built Different" celebrates this - the product itself, and the culture of the people who use them.

To help craft a unique and memorable brand, we've leaned into a bold and vintage vibe for our choices of colors, brutalist inspired fonts, playful iconography, illustrations, grain/texture, and photography & video application.


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