Viome is an at-home health test that measures gene expression in the microbiome to give people accurate results & personalized tips.

We were approached to help the brand change direction and provide a toolkit and brand book to assist them with that.

My contribution

Brand Strategy User Research Art Direction Brand Design

The team

1 × Creative Director 1 × Art Director 1 x UX Designer 1 x UI Designer 1 x Producer



About the project

Your Personal Nutritionist

Viome is a Health Startup founded by Tech Guru Naveen Jain. PeopleLikeUs were approached to transform the brand from a niche startup targeting early adopters and BioHackers to a company whose health solutions were opened up to the whole world.

We developed a new strategy and identity that would feel welcoming and approachable to a more general audience, backed by tighter and more relatable messaging.

Repositioning Viome as more of a lifestyle brand and connecting to a larger ecosystem that redefined Viome as "Your Personal Nutritionist", we moved away from scare tactics and highlighting weaknesses to a more positive approach that focuses on the benefits and results of using Viome.


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