Google Maps Platform x Women Techmakers


An interactive experience for Women Techmakers (WTM) using Google technology to provides visibility, community, and resources for women in technology.

My contribution

Creative Direction Art Direction User Experience Design

The team

1 × Creative Director 1 × Brand Manager 2 x Project Managers 1 x Developer 1 x Illustrator



About the project

Women Techmakers (WTM) is a Google program that provides visibility, community, and resources for women in technology. One of its goals is also to showcase the extraordinary achievements and compelling journeys of WTM members across the globe. We worked closely with Google to imagine, design, and develop "The Women Techmakers Story Map" - an interactive storytelling hub that aims to inspire and inform aspiring women developers and creatives through the stories and resources of women developers and technologists in the community.

Maps offers a unique way to connect personal experiences with real-world locations. Each ambassador pinpoints meaningful locations in their cities — resources and places of inspiration that shaped their journey. The Women Techmakers Story Map uses the latest capabilities from Google Maps Platform to bring ambassadors’ own stories to the map, allowing visitors to “travel” across the globe and learn more about them.

Launching on International Women's Day 2024, the project was also designed to be scalable, so as new women join WTM, their inspiring stories can be added to expand the Story Map.

My roles were Creative Director, UX and Designer on the project, working closely with Laetro’s Illustrator Genevieve St. Charles on the Ambassador pins, Laetro’s Writer Effie Seiberg on the words, and Lazer’s Software Engineer Maren Sigson on the build.

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